Corporations, Associations and Large Public Relations Firms from across the country count on Weber Johnson to help them deliver on their important work in the Upper Midwest.

Every day, the team at Weber Johnson serves corporate decision makers like Inside Counsels, VP's of Government Relations, Board Members; or Marketing and Communications Executives. They bring us to the table for their most important challenges.  

And Association Leaders, Leadership Staff, Board Members, and opinion leaders count on Weber Johnson to advance their agendas.

Contract Lobbyists who work with corporate clients or associations with execution at the grassroots and grasstops levels bring us in as partners, as do Public Affairs firms from across the country who need to activate constituents or execute grassroots fieldwork on behalf of clients, issues, legislation and causes.

“Our specialty – and what we love to do the most – is the fieldwork needed to help clients succeed by working closely with constituents and motivating them to take action. People are our medium, and we know the value of inspiring them to affect their political and social landscape.”